Due to very good thermal insulation ability, great load bearing capacity, water-proofness EPS products are widely used in different concrete floor constructions. EPS boards may be installed right on the surface and they do not require protection against moisture.

EPS board is suitable for insulating the floor:

  • Moderate load in floor constructions – under-concrete insulation in private houses, apartments, public institutions
  • For insulation of heavily loaded concrete floors – in shops, warehouses, industrial premises
  • For the under concrete insulation of heavily loaded floors – production buildings, warehouses, garages, parking houses

Advantages of EPS in floor insulation

  • Strength – EPS product have small density with adequately good load bearing capacity
  • Water-proofness – water and moisture in concrete do not damage the features of the material
  • Floors can be constructed on surface
  • Simple to install – possible to use big boards