Due to good engineering-physical features EPS Fassaadiplaat (Facade board) is used for insulation in renovated and new buildings together with thin-wall plaster systems.

When insulating the facade with thin wall plaster, the board has to bear the load of the plaster layer and suitable insulation boards for that are EPS 60 or EPS 60 Silver products.

Facade boards are chosen with thickness, which ensures appropriate thermal insulation of the periphery. In order to make the installation of boards on the wall easier, they are made in size 1000 x 600 mm, the thickness of the board can be chosen by the client.

Advantages of EPS upon the thermal insulation of the facade

  • Easy to install – EPS façade boards are light, have suitable measurements and can be easily cut into right measures
  • Thermal insulation of periphery constructions of the building outside is the best insulation solution
  • For the installation of EPS façade boards it is not necessary to build a frame or use wind screen boards
  • Large variety of products – the special thickness of EPS façade boards can be ordered in different measurements according to the calculations of the thermal insulation of the peripheral constructions
  • Quality – EPS façade boards enable air and steam permeation, with stable measurements and non-flammable (fire class E)