The non-insulated foundation is one of the biggest cold bridges of the building, which cools down the floors, causes condensate, moulding and water damage and spreading in the parts of the building located on the foundation and into other parts of the construction. According to statistics, 10-15% of thermal energy escapes via the foundation of the building. Due to that the insulation and making the foundation waterproof is very important during the construction of the foundation. The best way to insulate the foundation is to cover the entire exterior surface of the foundation with insulation boards up to the freezing limit and finish the base part above the ground. For that purpose EPS styrofoam boards are good because they are thermal insulators, water-proof and load resistant.

Advantages of EPS in the insulation of the foundation

  • Water-proof – absorbability below 1%, may be use right in the ground without any protective hydro-isolation layer
  • Strength – with adequate load bearing capacity to receive the impact of the ground
  • Effective insulation – installation is simple due to edges of the semi-matched boards
  • Surface of the EPS Foamplaat is relief, which simplifies its installation with glue mixes (in the base part of the house) and sinking of the water in the grooves of the boar